1. coarseness, ruggedness, bumpiness, jaggedness, cragginess, cragginess; stoniness, rockiness; knottedness, nodosity, gnarledness; wrin-kledness, nugosity, crinkledness, corrugation; lumpiness; irregularity, unevenness.
2. hairiness, hirsuteness, Bot., Zool. hispidity, pilosity; hair, thatch, shock, mat, tangle, shag; whiskers, beard, Vandyke, imperial, goatee, sideburns, mutton-chops, mustache; bristle, Bot. awn, Bot., Zool. setula, vibrissae, Bot. arista; crest, tuft; fur, coat, mane, wool.
3. ungentleness, disorderliness, riotousness, noisiness, boisterousness, uproariousness, rowdyism, violence; franticness, frenzy; fierceness, ferocity, ferociousness, fury, rage, vehemence, savageness.
4. turbulence, tumultuousness, tempestuousness, storminess, inclemency, choppiness, agitation.
5. rudeness, discourteousness, impoliteness, incivility, unmannerliness; inconsideration, tactlessness, disrespectfulness, misbehavior; ungraciousness, indecorum, uncourtliness, ungentlemanliness, hoydenism; brashness, boldness, brazenness, insolence, impudence, impertinence, pertness, tartness, sauciness, freshness; gruffness, bluffness, bearishness; grouchiness, crabbedness, surliness, sulkiness, moroseness, peevishness, petulance, sourness, acerbity; abruptness, bluntness, brusqueness, curtness, shortness; harshness, austerity, sternness; raffishness, ribaldry, smuttiness, obscenity.
6.(of sounds) discordance, inharmoniousness, dissonance, cacophony; harshness, gratingness, jarringness, stridence; raucousness, gruffness, hoarseness, huskiness.
7.(of tastes) unsavoriness, tartness, astringency, sourness; pungency, bitterness, mordancy.
8. uncouthness, coarseness, crudeness, crudity, vulgarity; boorishness, churlishness, loutishness; brutishness, barbarity, savagery, grossness; ignorance, illiteracy; clumsiness, ungainliness, gaucherie.
9. rawness, crudeness; shapelessness, formlessness, amorphism, amorphousness, asymmetry; incompleteness, imperfection; vagueness, sketchiness, approximation, inexactness; cursoriness, superficiality.

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